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5 May, 2010

As always, there are some freaky hot records on the way. So I thought it’d be nice to present a small selection of what is polishing my coconuts right now.

One of these gems is Sepalcure, who have had a record signed to Hotflush. Yeah, yeah, yeah they’re bad.

And you must grab there cringe-fest titled ‘lovestep’ mix here

Then there’s this new release from Blawan on Hessle. At first I was all like, ‘Hessle dropped a clanger, well not so much a clanger – but is this really on a par with there other releases, I don’t majorly think so’. Truth is though, it is definitely ill. ‘Iddy’ is some next level thugged out madness, and ‘Fram’ is equally as on-point. I like how both tracks hark back to earlier Hessle releases with their sound, it so it seems to me anyways.


I’m too tired to write the rest of this post. Here are some links to stuff I like. Click tha imagez.

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