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Top 50 Tracks of 2009

17 December, 2009

Here are the tracks i’ve been crazy hyping over for the last 12 month, ish. It’s been a good year for riddim ennit, i’d just like to take this opportunity to thank everyone. Thank you for subjecting my ears to levels of sound we just haven’t evolved to endure yet. Thank you for every night i’ve been to that has had me sweating like a dude with a camera near a tall building. Thank you for every over priced drink i’ve been sold at festivals up and down the country. Thank you for all the free shit. Thank you everyone who didn’t reply to my emails. Thank you London Transport for reducing the number of bendy busses. Thank you Ross Kemp for giving us an insight into gang culture that we are unable to obtain through grime anymore because everyone in the scene is too busy getting ‘signed’. Thank you Wogan for jacking in your day job. Thank you Richard and Judy for jacking in your day job. Thank you commissioner of the BBC for commissioning the one show. Oh and a big thank you to the makers of Old Jamaica Ginger Beer – each and every.

I’ve linked to the tunes you probs won’t have heard too much.

Maybes – Mount Kimbie

Mount Kimbie pretty much dick over everyone for originality. This is the first track I heard of there’s. It’s just stunning yeh.

Aidy’s Girl Is A Computer – Darkstar

Remember when you first heard this, and how you were after it for ages – but it just didn’t look like it was seeing a release any time soon. You were asking yourself why?! Why has this not come out yet. I need it so bad. Then it came out, and you still loved it. Darkstar are big.

Memories – Pangaea

Everyhing about this tune is sublime. The bassline knocks me dead every single listen. The sample is rooood. Those bleepy little bits set off the groove with maximum effect and the beat could be the dictinary definition of ‘future garage’.

Wad – Pearson Sound

Have you been in a dance when this is played? You know the score.

Stop What You’re Doing (James Blake remix) – Untold

This is pure genious/  sillyness Рan area people have explored extensively in 2009.

For Lost Relatives – Martyn

Most underplayed Martyn track of the year.

Watching You – Instra:Mental

Instra:Mental is real.

Desire (MoodyMann remix) – Jose James

Jose James got a load of cool people to remix his stuff. I’m not entirely sure why. The Joy Orbison and Untold remixes were awful. This however is great.

LHC – Brackles

I don’t think i’ve been to a night that Brackles hasn’t been DJing at in the past 6 months. I’m not fed up of it, he just gets about. Anyone know what he’s got coming out next? Like not remixes or shit. His own productions.

1-UP – P Money

The best grime instrumental of the year vocalled by probably the grime artist of the year. It’s heaviness!

Love Dub (Refix) – Cooly G

Cooly G has everything. If you don’t vibe it, I don’t vibe you.

FUSE – Hudson Mohawke

The switch up in drums on this tune is better than that feeling when you wake up hungover, go back to sleep, then wake-up like an hour later and feel fine. Or is that just me that happens too.

Bullet A Go Fly (Dusk & Blackdown remix) – DVA

The single angriest piece of music this year. Tempa T threatened to clear your fridge and pull down your curtains. I actually believe Badness would stab and shoot me. The cold, starkness of this remix only makes me fear for my life even more so.

Space Ex – Blue Daisy

Blue Daisy should have been bigger this year. This tune is too much.

Lil Girl feat. Fatima – Shafiq Husayn

I don’t even know if this it out yet. It’s an ill tune though. I think Fatima has an EP out early next year. Hyped about that shiit.

Raw Cuts#6 – Motor City Drum Ensemble

MCDE have done too much good shit this year. The compilation of all the Raw Cuts series + some extra unreleased bts is out in January or something. I. Can’t. Wait. For. That. Shit

One Foot Ahead of the Other – Zomby

I didn’t get ‘Digital Flora’, so many people have tried to tell me it’s ace. But i’m just not vibing it. This on the other hand. Is deepness. Probs on a par with ‘Godzilla’.

Gutter Music feat. Durrty Goods – Starkey

Please, more Durrty Goodz next year. This tune smashed everything when it was about.

Bad Science – Rustie

If Rustie’s album is tunes like this, with so little variation it sends you into some kind of repetition induced meditative state – it’s still be sick. I hope to god he puts all new stuff on it though. Who wants to bet me it’ll be better than the Hud Mo album. I want to see a real Glaswegian fight between the two of them.

Soundclash (Grievous Angel remix) – Naptha

Grievous did a lot this year. This is the highlight of his output for me. Except for redux obvz.

Party – Falty DL

When the dude’s voice goes “Paaa-a-a-a-artyyyyy”. So sick.

Necessary Madness – Karizma

This is necessary and it is madness.

A Rustling – Shortstuff

Shortstuff had to be included somehow, i’m not even sure if this is my favourite track of his. It is sick though.

Lost in the Streets of NYC (Actress remix) – Tom Trago

Everything Actress touches is vital (I sound like Mary Anne Hobbs now, or Scary Hand Jobs as I have nicknamed her).

Every single track on Sa-Ra’s ‘Nuclear Evolution: The Age Of Love’. I seriously couldn’t pick one.

This album is insanely good. I wasn’t expecting a bad tune, being Sa-Ra and all. Even though my expectations were high, they still exceeded them.

Hyph Mngo – Joy Orbison

This has recently reached the ears of people who actually listen to Radio 1 in the daytime. So now lets all sit back and what the fuck happens. Personally, if I hear people chanting it in a Walkabout or some shit like that, i’m going to turn my back on good music, and throw my ears at a homeless person – saying “Here you go, I just don’t care anymore. Take my ears, exchange them for drink or food or whatever it is you can get for ears nowadays. I give up.” Before I run off crying and in search of somewhere to crawl up and die.

Bad Gyal – Ms Dynamite

Ms Dynamite is back. Kind of. In a good way though. She’s working with Sticky and Geeneus and doesn’t seem to be chasing a umber 1 or anything. Ace.

Digidesign – Joker

A lesson in to how to make something badass, as well as make some cash out of it. Big up joker for bringing the mad joy this year.

Tenzado – Greena

This tune was actually released. Eventually.

No Charisma – Martin Kemp

This tune is radical.

Negative – Scuba

To be honest, everything Scuba does is sacred. This is only the beginning of how good he gets.

Ultrafunkula – Geeneus

That whole North/ South/ East/ West thing Warp did seemed to be really badly promoted. It kind of appeared, nobody really payed it much notice and was soon forgotten. This tune however was a personal highlight.

2Bad – Kode 9

2Good, hahahahaha.

Seamonkey (Untold remix) – Modeselektor

The most epic tune of the year I thinks.

Beautiful Complication – Guido

Guido had another release, in fact he had a couple of pairs of releases. I never thought the day would come but they arrived and they were exactly what we expected because we ordered them online.

Talking The Hardest – Dot Rotten

I talk about Dot Rotten too much.

Disco Balls – Flying Lotus

Fly Lo deserves a space on every list ever, and he has a new album out next year.

Innami – Mickey Pearce

It’s almost impossible to say which is better out of this and No Charisma, but then again it’s a complete waste of time trying to decide because they come engraved on the same piece of wax.

Rass Out – Altered Natives

This is effectively some drum and some bass stabs.

Pull It (Ill Blu remix) – Shystie

Yeah boy.

Revenue – Ramadanman

Hessle Audio ennit.

Make Me Stronger Feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow (Floating Points remix) – Bei Bei & Shawn Lee

Click it

Fostercare – Burial

It’s Burial

You’ve Got The Love (The XX remix) – Florence and the Machine

The XX make 2-step funky anthem out of cover of a remix of an edit or something to that effect.

Rut – Joe

Tuune, you just got to wait for the second half of it.

Klambu – Bassjackers

This is ridiculous.

Air & Lack Thereof – James Blake

This wins

Next-Aconda – Untold/ Tempa T

2 tracks in one. Surely that’s all you’ve ever dreamed of.

Rawww – Sigha

It’s like house or some shit.

Brookside Park – Dam Funk

I know for a fact nobody wants to hear anymore abou Dam, he’s definitely the most interviewed man of 2009.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. 17 December, 2009 8:05 pm

    damn. awesome list.

  2. mills permalink
    17 December, 2009 10:45 pm

    yeah man. hopefully we’re not cueing up too many of the same tracks on xmas eve! that lists big though. i liked the bit about ginger beer. is true x

    • bigtusks permalink*
      18 December, 2009 12:19 am

      It’s all good Mills, i’ve got a top secret worst tracks of 2009 list as well.

  3. 18 December, 2009 1:50 am

    Well I kinda want to kill myself for missing so much out on my list right now. just…EURGH

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