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1 February, 2009



My favourite person of all time has to be Michael Baggot off Flog It. I can’t fucking believe I missed him when he was in Coventry. Look at him; he looks like John Candy’s unpopular little brother. His centre parting gets full marks as well, he’s got the horny fat guy look down.



Auction shows though really fuck me off. In fact, antiques in general do. The buying and selling of old crap for variably ridiculous prices, all depending on some lonely/ verging on rapist ‘experts’ general knowledge. Everything has something wrong with it as well – it’s all broken old crap. In this show for example, a woman sells a load of animal figurines for over £500. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all down with the animal figurines – but you’ve got to be a real doughnut to go around spending that much money on a load of tiny animals.


The show does however highlight some truly terrible things about Coventry.


1. Valerie (the woman with the pocket watch) just about sums up the kind of vacant, dim witted, leaves the house without their trousers on, knobs that dwell here. For extra jokes check out the bit just before her watch gets auctioned, approximately 15 minutes 50 seconds. It’s hilarious how they just cut away from her as quickly as possible.


2. It is actually impossible for Coventry to be on television without either The Specials or the bloody Cathedral being mentioned. I think school trips to the cathedral were a weekly occurrence for the majority of my school years, and not once was the devil with a milk bottle for a knob on the front of the place explained. Also, the tapestry at the back has got some really badly proportioned knees. Sewing that thing must have taken about three lifetimes, surely you’d get to the point where you’ve sewed the knees enough and you’d say fuck it – it looks alright, I’m going to go and do something fun.av3n7

Oh, and one more of Big Mike



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  1. Paul permalink
    4 June, 2011 5:31 pm

    hey i just watched flog it.sat/4th june/2011..saw micheal baggott,he looks like he’s lost loads of weight,he’s not waring glasses anymore and his face looks loads slimmer

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